Fees and Billing

Consultations and Procedures at this clinic are “Privately Billed” (if you have a Health Care Card or Pension Card this will be less than standard fees) Medicals for Insurance, Pre Employment and Commercial Driver’s Licenses are not covered by Medicare. We have EFTPOS available for the payment of Private Billing.

Appointment Fees

Please bring your Medicare card +/- Pension/Health Care Card with you, for us to update our records.

Short consultation

(Less than 6 minutes)
Full Fee: $40.00
(HCC/Pension: $34.00)
Medicare rebate: $18.95
Out of pocket: $21.05
(HCC/Pension: $15.05.)

Standard consultation

(Between 6 & 20 minutes)
Full Fee: $90.00
(HCC/Pension: $68.00)
Medicare rebate: $41.40
Out of pocket: $48.60
(HCC/Pension: $26.60)

Long consultation

(Between 20 & 40 minutes)
Full Fee: $136.00
(HCC/Pension $106.00)
Medicare rebate: $80.10
Out of pocket: $55.90
(HCC/Pension: $25.90)

Extended Consultation

(>40min) Full Fee: $176.00 (HCC/Pension $146.00) Medicare rebate $118.00
Out of pocket $58.00
(HCC/Pension $28)

We understand that when appointments are booked, life can get in the way. All we ask is that you call to let us know, so that another patient who couldn’t get an appointment, can use it. It is Practice policy that missing your appointment or cancelling within an hour of your appointment will result in a fee of $50. This will need to be paid before booking to be able to see a GP at Noosa Outlook Medical Centre in the future

Other Fees

Medical Records

If you wish to transfer your medical notes in full to another practice we charge a $50 administration fee (*This may be more- dependent on file size/need for clinical input).Our medical software may not be compatible with another surgery. A summary will be sent free of charge upon written request/permission from you, from the respective medical practice.

It is Practice Policy that a full set of records can only be released once outstanding invoices are attended to.

Repeat Prescriptions & Referrals

For some patients who are requesting an “over the phone” request for a prescription, there is a $20.00 charge for such prescriptions, we do request 24 hours notice. An appointment will be required when a patient has not been seen for a period of time decided by their clinician. This allows for best medical practice whereby the condition and medication may need an ongoing review. An appointment is also required for new and ongoing referrals as there is often information in regard to your current condition that needs to be conveyed to the Specialist.

When a prescription is faxed to a local chemist, if they cannot receive the original in a week, you will also be charged postage.